Goodbye, world.

Goodbyes are never easy. This one especially.

When we set to start Oliver, we had a clear mission - we believed that renting an apartment should be easy, frictionless and maybe one day, even fun…

Together with a group of exceptional investors who believe in us and a killer team of developers and ops we set to conquer Manhattan first and eventually any big city in the world.

We worked night and day to meet the goals we set to ourselves and 3 month in, we had more than 100 showings per day, taking place through the Oliver platform!

As we were scaling, we always set to find the best business model for the economy we are at. We’ve been playing with different models - charging a small service fee, charging a landlord per portfolio and in addition, charging the landlord per lease.

We found out that the unit economics we were involved with will require a significant amount of capital to prove itself, and even with the right amount of capital and investors - hyper-local scaling will require even more capital which won’t make the business profitable anytime soon.

Until we figure out a better way to disrupt the consumer facing real-estate realm, we made a tough but educated decision to discontinue the Oliver app and platform.

Thank you for all the love and support along the way.

Yossi Shemesh & Amir Shriki,

CoFounders @Oliver